JUNE 2019

Imagine the lovely little heart attack I had when I was reading my National Theatre newsletter and saw Stiletto Beach at the bottom! Madness!

JUNE 2019

Exciting day holding auditions for Stiletto Beach with director Emma Baggott. SUCH AMAZING TALENT CAME THROUGH THE DOOR; I CANNOT WAIT TO FINALISE THE CAST AND SEE THEM IN ACTION.

I may cry. I will cry.

JUNE 2019

Another outing for Pramkicker in Italy! This time at the Teatro Menotti in Milan, then on to Scintille Teatro Festival in Asti. Last year it went to Studio Uno in Rome, and Teatro Sociale in Gualtieri. Sending lots of love to the company! (Man I wish I could go. I miss Italy!)

JUNE 2019

My birthday coincided with a cheeky little production of Pramkicker at the award-winning Hope Theatre in London. The image they used for the poster really made me laugh… I didn’t get to see it but I received some lovely feedback from industry & audience members so I hope the company had fun and were happy.


MAY 2019

So delighted to have ace director Emma Baggott (RSC / Young Vic / “Astute, clever” – Guardian) on board for Stiletto Beach. Looking forward to kicking back with a daiquiri while she makes the words come alive like a voodoo woman making sand dance. Or something.

MAY 2019

Laughed so hard on The Guilty Feminist Live Tour last night! Maximum fun with some brilliant women,  & a beautiful plug for Stiletto Beach from Deborah, who has always been such an incredible champion of my work and it’s never forgotten and always appreciated.


MAY 2019

Stoked to appear on The Guilty Feminist Podcast again – this time part of the supercool Live Tour. IN MY HOMETOWN!

Sunday 12th May – Cliffs Pavilion, Southend – BOOK



Cracking up. The Guilty Feminist, London 2018.



MAY 2019

Just managed to sneak in a bit of writing for a book I’ve been asked to contribute to. I don’t think I can say what it is yet, but I was supremely honoured (giddy and a bit sick actually) to write a short story for these fine people, and I should think it’ll be out in good time for Christmas…

MAY 2019

How lovely to have Stiletto Beach feature in this Virago piece – Five Feminist Things I’m Excited About Right Now by Deborah Frances-White. Alongside theatre happening Emilia & Hannah Gadsby of Nanette fame. Wow. READ IN FULL.


Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 12.10.58Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 11.54.57❤


APRIL 2019

Super excited to be doing Latitude again this year, my fifth time performing at this beautiful festival. Us Old Trunk gals will be creating a show called Cunts & Flowers, using characters from my one-woman show Lady Bones. Will be interesting revisiting old friends while creating new work. Think we’re going to have a lot of fun playing around with this one.




APRIL 2019


Was honoured to be invited to speak to 3rd year students at LAMDA as they rehearsed the brilliant So Here We Are by Luke Norris, directed by the excellent Caroline Leslie, assisted by Anna Clart.

Went to see the production a week later, and what a beautiful thing. Will be watching out for these faces – such talent! Set in my hometown Southend and featuring the theme of suicide, my little heart was a bit pounded by the end of it. Powerful stuff, very close to home and heart.

Cast: Akiel Dowe, Alex Heath, Amy Vicary-Smith, Ethan Moorhouse, Samuel Morgan-Davies, Stanley Morgan – ALL AMAZING


MARCH 2019

Absolutely buzzing after the Stiletto Beach reading at Queen’s Theatre.

Had a cracking director in award-nominated Grace Duggan and a fantastic cast: Anne Odeke, David Hemsted, Rachel Keys, Saskia Marland, & Wendy Morgan.








MULTI-TASKING A-GO-GO. Pushing Pramkicker while writing Stiletto Beach while moving house. Cool.




OOFF. DEADLINE CITY. WORKING ON THIS BAD GIRL. While moving house and being a mama. YES THAT’S RIGHT. 🧠💥

So delighted to receive tough-to-nail Arts Council funding in this difficult climate to write Stiletto Beach. Thanks so much ACE, you total peaches!   ❤

screen shot 2019-01-16 at 11.08.48   Print


After missing playing Jude & Susie while they’ve been globetrotting in other productions, Mayhew & I are doing 2 nights of Pramkicker at the mighty Vault Festival London. So much fun! 23rd & 24th January, 18:10. Tickets flying so book ahead.

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.33.12.png


The most wonderful cardboard scroll turned up at my door from across the Atlantic, holding the Culture section of the Washington Post, some ace Pramkicker posters by Ryan Carroll Nelson, & one of the most beautiful letters I have ever received, from Marcus Kyd of Taffety Punk theatre company. Marcus you bastard, I nearly exploded.

Congratulations to all at Taffety Punk for getting ‘Best Theater of 2018’ love in this bad boy of a paper. And for keeping me in the loop in a warm & inclusive way that writers don’t often get to enjoy when people request to use their words. Big love to my Jude & Susie – Esther Williamson & Tonya Beckman, & to director Linda Lombardi.

I hope we get to meet one day.


48406862_10161120136735655_7430323242037936128_n     48429078_10161120136850655_2669048460493193216_n


Emitted a little squeal when I heard that Pramkicker was amongst the crop of plays picked by The Washington Post as the Best Theatre of 2018 , alongside Hamilton, Hamlet, & Every Brilliant Thing! Beautiful work, Taffety Punk! X




Fran & Leni, my play about punk & friendship, is kicking its Doctor Martens in Chicago this month, with a reading at super cool venue The Boxcar, part of Steep Theater. Cool!

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 17.27.23




Completely amazed & thoroughly honoured to receive an award from the Peggy Ramsay Foundation supporting my work as a playwright. Peggy was the most influential British theatrical agent of the last century and a wonderful lady – said to be simultaneously mercurial, severe and bossy, but with a wild sense of humour. She also said “Fuck the critics.” Top lady.

One of her dearest friends and Founder/Trustee of the Foundation, Simon Callow, said for her “a play was never just a play, an author was not just an author: both had the possibility of transcending themselves, and must be given every chance to do so.”  Callow’s book of her collected letters is next on my bedside reading list. I want to hear all about the woman who has posthumously supported playwrights like a fierce mama lion.

I’ll be tapping away for you, Peggy! Thank you (and the Foundation) for the kick up the writer’s bum from beyond the grave. If only I could have met you in person.   ❤


Peggy Ramsay. What a dress. What a couch. What a total fucking legend.


Very honoured to have been asked to write one of 3 new plays for the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch‘s exciting new season Essex On Stage next spring. Deciding to tackle the theme of Essex Girls & what a pain in the tits that tired stereotype still is, I had about 20 possible titles jumping round my head until I finally tied my brain down to Stiletto Beach. Ideas whirling about & excited to begin!

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 15.24.13.png



Don’t mind admitting I got a bit wet-eyed reading the reviews of the Sydney production of Pramkicker. Having women around the world performing my words has been one of the highlights of my year after becoming a mother. Strange but beautifully apt that reading these reviews of my play about motherhood and not-motherhood, and having contact with these fantastic female companies has kept my playwright brain busy and content while I’ve taken time to tackle being a mother myself, this brilliant new business of raising a tiny new woman…

“Famously the TV show , The Thick of It, employed a swearing consultant and Sadie Hasler has a very similar gift for the sweeping use of bad language for comic effect… it is uproariously enjoyable to the ear and combined with the wit of the insults, banter and characterization of the piece it becomes an adjunct layer of the story.” – SYDNEY ARTS GUIDEFULL REVIEW

“Dialogue in Pramkicker is deliciously witty, with some truly scintillating perspectives of life that are brutally honest but rarely disclosed. The characters go through wonderful transformations during the course of the play, for deeply beautiful depictions of sisterhood and of female sovereignty. Emotionally robust, the show takes us from ecstatic laughter to exquisite poignancy.” – SUZY GOES SEEFULL REVIEW


Cecilia Morrow as Jude & Vaishnavi Suryaprakash as Susie in Vox Theatre’s production of Pramkicker, directed by Linda Nicholls-Gidley




Lovely interview in Theatre Travels with Linda Nicholls-Gidley, director of the Sydney premiere of Pramkicker opening on the 25th, talking about what the writing and themes mean to her. ❤️

“When I started to read it I felt a strong affinity with the story. Hasler writes from her own experiences but the could be the experience of everywoman. I understood the frustration and the hurt of the characters, I had been a part of those conversations, I knew those narratives intimately. Hasler’s writing is raw and pulls no punches. These were stories that I needed to tell…”

04e260_9c800e25fd19421a9f370391b2e67247~mv2_d_1667_1679_s_2  Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 11.10.45.png04e260_5a9ca83f7dd54950a20bc6cc0b4c3d4c~mv2


I was asked to write a piece for an exhibition called THINGS by Tamara Projects.

The brief was to write an Ebay listing for an object. My given object was a pair of cute old binoculars. The listing runs for real on Ebay for the duration of the exhibition, to see if it sells.

I mulled over the possible story of the object for some time, thinking about themes such as voyeurism and nature, but in the end when I sat down to write I went off in an unexpected direction, writing spontaneously while my baby slept. Stolen time! A character started speaking to me, and I wasn’t in control anymore.

Lovely to write something short and self-contained for a different audience.

IMG_5854 2


I’ve been so happy to read the wonderful reviews for Taffety Punk’s production of Pramkicker over the pond in Washington DC, including a cracking one in the Washington Post

“Sadie Hasler’s bruising comedy takes an irreverent point of view. A funny, verbally brutal two-woman play…a blistering script…unfolds with the energy of a barroom tale…” – WASHINGTON POST


“Funny and moving…a perfect night of theater … The stars are aligning on Capitol Hill… Pramkicker scores big on all levels…” – BROADWAY WORLD


“It doesn’t get better than this”DC METRO 


“Witty & ribald”DC THEATRE SCENE


“A scintillating kick of a story… The writing is so deft… Don’t miss Pramkicker. It’s witty and funny and serious and gives one hope for surviving what life throws at us” MARYLAND THEATRE SCENE 




Esther Williamson & Tonya Beckman, directed by Linda Lombardi, on Kate Fleming’s amazing set


40460839_10155662972557791_1432103681746010112_nFran & Leni at Kennedy Center 
Pramkicker at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (Taffety Punk Theatre Co)


The production of Pramkicker in Melbourne looks amazing!

Here’s a great interview in Beat with Anna Burgess who played Jude.

“Pramkicker’ is the comedy that finally challenges child-centric societal values. It really packs a punch… It’s such a beautiful comedy, but it really is so tender as well.”

40234506_1886349134787484_5544668157681074176_n    40197054_1886349174787480_4285891141045321728_n       40137697_1886349091454155_4034418658380873728_n

JULY 2018

Very honoured to be asked to be a guest on super hot podcast The Guilty Feminist, talking about Pramkicker and the theme of Indecision. Deborah was lovely enough to say she thought Pramkicker was the most important play of the last decade. I think she might have been drinking but I’ll take it anyway.


Also loving the fact that Pramkicker is getting some love from a cool company in Melbourne, Australia!

Have fun, Dirty Pennies!


Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.34.48

JUNE 2018

I’ve just signed contracts for Sydney and Washington DC runs of Pramkicker in the autumn.Also had enquiries about New York and Washington DC productions of Fran & Leni. What fun!

But right now, Pramkicker is in Italian mode, having been translated into italiano for the Inventaria Festival in Rome. Exciting!

Inventaria 2018.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 16.00.12.png

DoveComeQuando testo sfondo nero 390x120.jpg

MARCH 2018

I had a baby! It was hard and took ages! Midwives rock! My baby’s name is Marcie Ramona Hasler-Monk! She’s brilliant! Love is great!

IMG_E3223.JPG IMG_3177.JPG  IMG_E3962.JPG   IMG_E3460  cc6334be-7310-41c5-a39a-fe5d710d372e.JPG  IMG_4792.JPG  IMG_E3751.JPG


Dead happy to say Old Trunk are doing another lush Damn Write, hot on the heels of the last!

Fancy some stories screaming fresh off the printer from a minxy bunch of writers & performers? OF COURSE YOU DO.

I just hope the baby doesn’t come a week early or it could be a bit awks. STAY PUT FOR A BIT LONGER, LITTLE BABY FEMINIST. MUMMY GOT SHIT TO DO.

Friday 2nd March, 7.30 –Metal Southend – Fiver
Part of Pop Up Essex Writers House & Essex Book Festival


Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 15.21.38


Beyond elated to hear that Pramkicker is being performed at the Kennedy Centre in Washington DC again! This time as part of International Women’s Voices Day.

“The Women’s Voices Theater Festival has teamed up with the National New Play Network and the New Play Exchange in inviting theatre artists around the world to organize readings of plays by women playwrights on January 21, 2018 as part of the new celebration called International Women’s Voices Day. The celebration has been scheduled for January 21, 2018 in honor of the one-year anniversary of the historic Women’s Marches last year.”

Big love & break a leg to One Off Productions who are staging it. Wish I could be there to support!


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.32.50

From the Washington Post mag…


Plotting some big changes, some fun events, & a bold new show…

I’m up the duff so things will be a little different for a while, but Old Trunk are taking it in our stride & using it as feist fodder! 💥

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 14.18.38


Popped in to see Network at the National Theatre (BRYAN CRANSTON – YES) & spotted Fran & Leni still on the Recommends shelf – after a ruddy year! HOLY SMOKE!

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 14.14.10


It was dead fun to return to some old characters for Damn Write.

I reprised my old favourite, Katharine Hepburn, from my one woman show Lady Bones.

Thanks to all who made the night such a success!

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 14.23.20


Hooray! Pramkicker is on its travels again. 🚀

Not content with a cheeky little performance at the The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC in September, the rights were requested for a Rome translation/production last week, & this week for a kick-ass production in Sydney!

Intercontinental funtimes! 🇺🇸🇮🇹

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 13.00.53


JUST IN: The rights have been requested to translate Pramkicker into Italian for a run in Rome! Mama mia!



Just had the most brilliant Away Day with top director Doug Rintoul at the Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch, hosted just for Old Trunk. Lucky girls! We went through everything with a theatrical scalpel and have some very exciting ideas and plans. All hush-hush for now. Thank you so much, Doug!

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 15.26.43      douglas rintoul1


Pramkicker is being performed at the Kennedy Centre in Washington DC as part of the  Page-to-Stage Festival – part of the Kennedy Center’s Centennial Celebration of President John F. Kennedy’s 100th birthday. Cool! Page-to-Stage puts an emphasis on Courage, one of the five ideals ascribed to President Kennedy. COURAGE IS GREAT.



Lovely to hear that Bloomsbury have had to do yet another print run of Pramkicker! Here’s one facing out on the shelves of Waterstones Piccadilly!


JULY 2017 

Damn proud to say that Fran & Leni has been nominated for Best Drama in the Manchester Fringe Awards. I’ve been nominated for Best Actor too!


JULY 2017 

Pretty darned excited to hit the road for our final three 2017 dates.

Catch us in Manchester and London

July 27/28  – Manchester Fringe  King’s Arms – Fran & Leni

August 1-6   – King’s Head LBGTQ Festival – Fran & Leni

August  21/24 – Camden Fringe – Camden People’s Theatre  – Pramkicker

Time Out thought Pramkicker was well worth a pimp

APRIL 2017 

Fran & Leni hit the ROAD. (We’ve snuck in some cheeky Pramkicker as well…)

supporting-image    IMG_0561

April 19  – Palace Theatre, Southend – Fran & Leni

April 22 – Palace Theatre, Southend – Pramkicker and Fran & Leni

May 3  – Norwich Arts Centre   Fran & Leni

May 17 – Colchester Arts Centre – Fran & Leni

May 25/26  – Brighton Fringe  Marlborough Theatre  – Fran & Leni

June 27 – Off Beat Festival  Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford Playhouse  – Fran & Leni

July 27/28  – Manchester Fringe  King’s Arms – Fran & Leni

August 1-6   – King’s Head Theatre’s LGBTQ Festival – Fran & Leni

August  21/24 – Camden Fringe – Camden People’s Theatre  – Pramkicker

MARCH 2017 

International Women’s Day!

We celebrated the day with our pals at Metal Southend where we presented an open chat on the theme of The Invisible Woman, tackling questions such as Are we seen? Do we feel seen? Do we want to be seen? How do we want to be seen? And is being seen a power we gain then lose as we get older?

So many brilliant women came and spoke and shared. It was overwhelming to hear young and older voices conversing agreeing, advising and connecting.



We had a fabulous time at the VAULT Fest. Great atmosphere, brilliant space and a tech & FOH team that were ON IT.

And… we were Highly Commended. 💥

Image 14-03-2017 at 11.23



Following a sold out performance of Fran & Leni in our hometown premiering the music written for the play by Fi & Dave Dulake of Tuppenny Bunters, we’re getting ready for our run at Vault Festival 25-29th January, and programming our 2017 beyond.


Exciting news being kept under our hats!


Fran & Leni came home and enjoyed a sell out run at our beloved Railway, & combined it with a little book launch for the playscript!


AUGUST 2016 

Fran & Leni heads to Edinburgh.

So happy to be back at Assembly. This time we are in THE BOX. Every day 15:05.


Fran & Leni has been published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama


JULY 2016 

Fran & Leni premieres at LATITUDE 


MAY-JULY 2016 

Pramkicker is on TOUR.

Image 10-06-2016 at 19.41